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Terms of Booking:

All hunt bookings are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the booking agreement. In general those terms include that all persons participating in these hunts have taken hunter safety courses or are familiar with and will practice basic tenants of hunting and firearm safety.

All persons participating in these hunts understand that hunting and using firearms is a dangerous activity and that the persons participating in these hunts take full responsibility for their safety and the safety of those other persons participating in these hunts.

Further, any person participating in any manner in these hunts agree to release the landlord, booking agent, and any person or company managing or conducting the hunt from any type of liability or for any injury resulting from person's participation in these hunts.

Each person's participating in these hunts agree to inspect the pit and the surrounding location of the pit and insure that they are fully apprised of all hazards which might be encountered by their use of the pit or the surrounding location.

The occupation of any pit by any person is an affirmative statement by that person that they are satisfied with the results of their inspection and that they are accepting the risks of injury which any such hazard may present.

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